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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Etsy Community & Teams... Why Bother???

Today's blog will cover the importance of utilizing the Etsy Community and Teams to promote your Etsy Store...

Etsy provides sellers with great tools to promote your shop.  These tools are easy to use and a great way to Network and Market your online business...

The most important tool that is available to all Etsy sellers is the ability for sellers to join teams.  Teams consist of individual shops that have the same interest or cause in which they promote... these teams are available in several different categories.  Anywhere from Vintage, Jewelry, Craft, Handmade and even individual Street Teams for States and Towns... As most of you are aware I belong to the VJSE Team and EcoChic Vintage as well as the We Love Vintage team.  When I first started with Etsy almost a year and a half ago I didn't belong to any teams and my sales were poor... After joining these teams and being involved in Team discussions on promotions and marketing and learning how to get my shop more views my sales have increased substantially from my beginning days on Etsy... Teams use several different ways to promote their members... Team wide sales, team treasuries, and team blogs are only a few of the ways teams promote each other... if you don't belong to any teams on Etsy I strongly advise you to go to the team section under the community section of Etsy and search for a team to get involved with... they simply apply for membership.

The second tool that is available on Etsy is the "Circle" feature... This was one of those features that I just did NOT want to have anything to do with... My thought on why I didn't want anything to do with it was the fact that I just didn't have the time to add something else to my already busy promotion and marketing schedule... However after reading discussions in my Etsy teams I realized that I really needed to explore this "new" area of Etsy... So to begin with I started adding my team members to my circle and started to "heart" or favorite a few items from my team members in my circle... Soon I had other team members doing the same for me and within days I started to see my shop views increase and so were my shop hearts and item hearts... Some will say that the reason I saw these increases was from my team members adding my items to their favorites... but I can disprove that by looking at who was adding my items to their favorites... what a shock I had when I started to look at this when I saw several people other than my team members adding my items... why did I see these people adding my items to their favorites?  It's quite simple actually they were actually seeing my items in circles that they belonged too... So, this is why the circle feature is important, because once you add a shop to your circle then your "activity" is visible on there "activity" circle as well... so you are not only promoting to people within your own circle but everyone else as well... Recently I have started to add buyers only (people who do not have an Etsy shop) who favorite my items... and this has proven to be a great advantage as well... Another great tool... and it is FREE...

Finally, the Treasury tool is another great way to promote your shop as well as help to promote other shops within the Etsy Community or your Etsy Teams that you belong too... Etsy has even made it easier to share your favorite Treasuries by adding a "Favorite" link to the individual treasury pages... Also, treasuries are added to your "activity" link anytime you create, comment or favorite one... so another great too... and it is Free...

These are only a few of the many tools that are available on Etsy... and I guarantee that if you use them as they were designed to be used that you will see an increase in Views and eventually sales...

I'll be sharing more of these great tools in later post on this blog... I hope that you have enjoyed my blog this week... I'm not sure what I'll be posting about next week, but please add me to your favorites and follow me, because you can guarantee I'll have some great FREE ways to promote and market your online business.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tutorial for Utilizing A Free App for Twitter

This is a very detailed explanation of a great Free Application / Website for Twitter... This application allows the user to "automate" certain Tweets without having to be sitting in front of your computer all day long... 

I've also included a section on some Excel Worksheets that I have set up for my personal use in order to keep track of what I have scheduled as well as keeping track of my followers who I have promoted for... If you would like a copy of these Excel Worksheets just email me @ and I'll get it to you... 

Now Lets get started...

A.      I have been using the Twaitter twitter app for going on 3 months now.  Twaitter allows the user to set up “scheduled” tweets for Twitter and these tweets can be scheduled to be Tweeted once at a particular time, or several times… For Instance I have all my Tweets for my shop items Tweeted every day till I delete the Tweet… However when I’m promoting my followers I have it set up to Tweet once a day at a certain time for 14 days straight then to stop sending that particular Tweet.
B.      So, let me walk you through using…
a.       First of all go to
b.     Once you have arrived on Twaitter Click the Sign In with Twitter Button located on the right hand side next to the birds head.  Once you have done this your screen should look like this:
If you look closely you will see everything that you see on Twitter… The Section that we are most concerned about is “Scheduled Messages” Tab located under the Account Home Tab on the Left hand Menu in the Screenshot.  Go Ahead and Click on this Tab…  

You Should See the Following:
Now for those of you who have never used Twaitter before the area located on the bottom of my screenshot will be blank on your screen…

c.        Now I’m going to show you how to schedule your tweets.  For Example… Say I want to make a Tweet about the EcoChic Website that says the Following: 
“Check Out #EcoChic #Vintage Website where you can locate all of the Shops and more #Jewelry #Jewellery”
All I have to do is go to the empty message box and type the above directly into the box or just copy and paste…

Now what do I do?  Well this depends on if you want to send it now or schedule it for a certain time every day or whatever…  If you want to just send it (1) time with no recurrence just click the “send now” button on the bottom left.  If you would like to have this repeat then you would need to click the “schedule” button located on the bottom right.  Go ahead and click this button now… You should see the following box pop up…

Now this is where you schedule the Tweet… First you will need to check either the “One Time” or “Recurring” circles… I personally don’t schedule anything unless I plan on it being a recurring Tweet…. So, click on the Recurring circle and the following should pop up:

Once you see this box, you are almost finished with scheduling your tweet…
1.       Select the Date that you wish the Tweet to start on
2.       Select the time of the day hours, second, AM or PM
a.       Very Important to know that Twaitter will only allow a user to send (10) scheduled tweets in any given hour 24 hours a day… so in total you can schedule 244 Tweets in a 24 hour period.
b.      Personally I Tweet every 10 minutes and I’ve made an Excel Worksheet that has all of my Tweets listed and the times that they are suppose to be Tweeted, so I don’t go over the 10 Tweets an hour rule… I’ll share those with you in the Next Section.
3.        Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly
a.        Daily – I use this for my shop items and for promoting my followers.
b.      Weekly – Never Used it, but it would be great for anything that you do on a specific day each week and that you want to tell your followers about.
c.       Monthly – Never used it, but you might want to send a Tweet once a month about someone special, or a monthly activity that happens on the same day of every month.
d.      Yearly – Never used it, but it would be great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, holidays.
4.       Select Send End Date.
a.       No End Date
1.       This is the one that I use the most… I use this area for all of the Tweets that pertain to my Shop Items.  So if you want Twaitter to Tweet about something daily till you delete the Tweet this is the section for you.  If you click this then all you have left to do is hit the “schedule” button on the bottom right.
b.      End after ____ Occurrences.
1.        This is where I tell Twaitter that I want to Tweet something for “X” amount of days and that is it… Just simply type in the amount of days that you would like the Tweet to run.  If you click this then all you have left to do is hit the “schedule” button on the bottom right.
c.        End by_____                             
1.        Never used it, but if you do random tweets of quotes you could tell Twaitter to end on a certain date a certain Tweet.  If you click this then all you have left to do is hit the “schedule” button on the bottom right.
5.       So After I’ve decided date, time, etc, etc… I see the following…

Now all I have to do is click “Schedule” located on the bottom right of the screen.
Then I see the following after the page refreshes and I scroll down.

I have just scheduled my Tweet… Now if I want to edit the Tweet all I have to do is hit the button with the pencil and it will bring up the previous boxes including the message box to edit the Tweet.  Say I sell my item and I want to delete my Tweet so Twaitter won’t continue to Tweet all I have to do is hit the trash can button… or if I want to save the Tweet and use it again all I have to do is hit the “Pause” button and Twaitter will NOT Tweet this until I tell it to resume.

II.                  Worksheets for Keeping Track of Your Tweets & How to Use Them
A.       Well now it is time to keep track of everything that you have automated to Tweet on Twitter… not only to find things easily but most importantly so you will NOT exceed the “no more than 10 scheduled Tweets in any given hour”.
1.        Tweet Schedule Excel Worksheet.
I designed this worksheet in order to keep everything straight and organized… Don’t ask why, let’s just say that sometimes I go a little overboard with organization.  Here is a screenshot of my worksheet…
a.       Column A – This column represents the times that I want to schedule my Tweets… I choose to personally only Tweet 6 times an hour as of right now and I only tweet between 5am and midnight.
b.      Column B – This column is designed for two things…
1.       A Brief Description of the Tweet that is scheduled.
2.       A place to keep a copy of the original Tweet… I use a comment… You can add a comment to any cell by clicking that cell then left click and you will see the following:

Then you will select “Insert Comment” by right clicking the mouse and see the following:

Then all you have to do is copy and paste the “Original” Tweet into the comment box.  You can enlarge the box or reshape the box by holding the left mouse button and dragging the borders where you see the little diamonds.  After you finished just click anywhere on the worksheet and your comment will be saved.  You will then notice a little red “marker” in the upper right corner of the cell that you entered the comment and if you place your mouse over the cell the comment for that cell will be visible like this:
c.      Column C – This column is designed to give you an idea as to when the Tweet will Expire on… I formatted this cell so you can just type “6-04” and hit enter then the cell will display “Saturday, June 04,2011”… This comes in very handy when you are promoting something for more than one day, but not every day… Like I said in the introduction Twaitter does have some issues and this allows you to make sure that Twaitter stops posting on the dates that you want the Tweet to stop…

2.       You will notice that there is a second sheet to the worksheet that is titled “Promoted For”

To get to that sheet all you need to do is right click that tab and you will see the following:

This sheet was designed for me to keep track of all the people that I have promoted for so that I promote my followers… I set the columns up for the different list that I have set up in Twitter… The highlighted yellow cells are ones that I’m currently promoting and the highlighted gray cells are for those that I have promoted in the past.  Like I said earlier I’m a little bit over “organized” at times… LOL…

In conclusion, this tutorial was developed in order to save online sellers precious time by automating some of your shop promotion and marketing... I hope you enjoyed this and that it will be helpful in promoting and marketing your online business.